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“We were in foreclosure and about to lose our house. We called DSP Real Estate and Derek talked to us over the phone. He answered all our questions.  He came out to our house and met with us.  Once he verified all the information, he was able to – stop the foreclosure – and save our credit.  We are so glad we called.” 

– Thomas & Cynthia C. (Homeowners)


“I had a house that was willed to me from my Grandma, but I didn’t really want it.  I called and spoke with your company, DSP and you came out and gave me a fair price for my house.”

– Albert M. (Homeowner)


“My house needed so much work and I couldn’t afford to do anything. I put my information on your website and Derek called me back right away.  He shared some information with me and said he had a couple of options and that I didn’t have to do anything if I didn’t want to.  He came out to the house, made me an offer and we closed one week later.”

– Tereasa A. (Homeowner)


“We were really behind in payments and the bank was about to take the house.  We contacted Derek from a postcard he sent out.  We talked on the phone and he said he would be interested in taking a closer look.  He got us out of that very stressful situation.  We are very grateful.”

– Ben & Jenny S. (Homeowners)


“Our experience with Deep South Partners was an enjoyable one. We were really pleased with the attention to detail as the renovators worked to create a beautiful home. As first time home buyers, we were really pleased with Mr. Derek Lemke and his desire to make us comfortable and happy with our new property. He made sure that any repairs or attention needed to the property were handled in a timely and professional manner.”

– Carlos & Audrey F. (Homeowners)


“The first time I walked through the door I knew “this is it!” The house was totally renovated. There are 2 dens with 2 fireplaces. I really like the additional dining area. My family consists of five and it’s the right size. The downstairs bedroom is a plus! My teenage daughter already claimed it . Overall, I love the house and I plan to be there for a long while. Also, I am glad you included nice, new appliances. Glad to do business with you and I will recommend you to everyone I know. Thank You.

– Sherrie K. (Homeowner)


“We think highly of the home. It is beautiful to my eyes inside and out. I’m a first time home buyer and I feel as if this was a nice for my family and me. Keep up the good work! Thanks a lot.”

– Jeremy A. (Homeowner)


“I’m so excited! This house is truly my dream home with 3 bedrooms; it is perfect my 2 daughters and granddaughter. It also has a downstairs den with fireplace. The bathrooms and kitchen are great!”

– Tara F. (Homeowner) 


“It has been my pleasure to work with Deep South Partners and Derek on a variety of issues over the last several years. Derek has acted and continues to act in a manner that speaks to his personal integrity and adherence to sound business practices. All of purchasers come to the table happy with the house they are purchasing an pleased with the way the work has been performed. I look forward to his continued success due to his work ethic and constant pursuit of excellence in his work.”

– Chesley P. (Attorney)


“Derek and Deep South Partners, LLC have been consistent and reliable partners for several years now. They always honor their commitments, and do quality work. We look forward to continuing to work with them going forward.”

– Jason H. (Investor)


“I have worked with Deep South Partners for several years now as a private lender using my retirement funds. It has always been a positive experience and has been a mutually beneficial relationship that is profitable for both parties. I hope to continue for many years. Derek is a man of his word and a pleasure to work with on these investment opportunities.”

– Jimmy M. (Investor)


“I have had the opportunity to lend my personal money to your company on many occasions and can say that I never doubted my investment for one minute. You have proven yourself as a company that delivers on what it promises….”

– Wayne T. (Investor)

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