Staging your house to sell: Does staging really help sell your Birmingham House?

Staging your house to sell: Does staging really help sell your Birmingham House?

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It may seem like a set out of a Hollywood movie, but does staging really help sell your house in Homewood, Pelham, Chelsea, Trussville, Vestavia Hills, or Forestdale? According to the Real Estate Staging Association, houses, (listed as professionally staged houses) sit on the market for less amount of time. They sell faster 71 percent of the time. The Association also says buyers will lean towards buying a staged home 81 percent of the time.


Why does staging work and sell homes in Birmingham’s best suburban neighborhoods? Connie Conroy, a former real estate agent-turned professional house stager, says buyers can visualize themselves living in the house and having their family live there. It helps buyers see the house in a good light, as buyers also see the houses as well maintained. By being able to visualize this, they do not request as many concessions of the seller.


Staging is worth the cost


Many sellers may not think of staging as marketing their Birmingham house to a buyer, but this is really what staging is. It is not cheap; Professional stagers in Birmingham will set back house sellers back, by $150 to more than $300 an hour. The costs to stage a property depend on house location and the valuable of the property. Location is everything and some suburbs, such as Pelham, rank higher up on young, urban professionals’ lists of desired locations in Birmingham to live. Are professionals willing to spend more to live in Pelham than Alabaster? It all depends on what buyers are willing to sacrifice to live in their dream house.


Is it worth the cost of spending, on average, $2,500 for a house staging? Given the fact more homebuyers are looking for the uncluttered houses that have those small details they see on HGTV home makeover shows, staging is not optional for Birmingham sellers, who want to increase the selling potential of their house.


Staging for the Buyer


One real estate company selling homes in the Hoover-Birmingham area says house sellers make the mistake of staging a house for personal tastes and not what sells a house. Birmingham house sellers need to keep in mind two things when selling their house: Homeowners decorate their houses for their own personal use and comfort and they want to sell their house staged. Their house can appeal to a buyer better.


Sellers need to pack away personal photos because these photos can be extremely distractive to homebuyers. It also detracts from a staged house’s model quality. Clutter is a turn off; buyers are distracted and cannot seeing themselves living in your house. Removing items that may clutter countertops in kitchens and bathrooms helps. Stacking things in boxes and taking to a storage unit or a corner of the garage helps a seller’s stay focused on their goal. It reduces the clutter and helps a seller see himself or herself in your house. It costs only $45 a month to rent a 5X5 storage unit in the Birmingham area.


Mistakes seller often make when staging


Should you do your own staging or hire a professional? It may be worth the peace of mind to hire a professional. House sellers must have time to spend getting their houses stage-ready; it takes more than re-arranged furniture to sell a house. For example, a seller may want to repaint the deep, sea-blue bedroom. Fresh, neutral colors, such as browns and beiges, will help your house sell faster. Potential house buyers may have a hard time seeing themselves living in a house, if they are distracted by seeing your favorite color. Coats of paint easily cover a distracting color. Birmingham hardware stores in Pelham, Mountain Brook, Homewood, and other Birmingham neighborhoods, sell paint for $20 to $50 a gallon.


Neutralize odors and using a professional cleaning service can help you make sure your Birmingham house is ready to sell and move into. Should you put a pie in the oven? You may not need cookies baking in the oven. Boiling sticks of cinnamon, slowly, on the stove, may have the same effect. It is cheaper. Depending on the size of a house, cleaning services can be pricey. Costs can run between $300 to more than $800 for a house cleaning. It is best to get estimates from cleaning companies in Birmingham and these will help you find the best price.


You may save money staging the house yourself, but is it worth the stress? It may be better to hire a professional to stage and sell your house for you. You can have peace of mind and your house is tastefully decorated. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, staging brings a buyer one step closer to wanting to buy your house. It could lead to multiple offers from many buyers. It is one of the best reasons why you never should underestimate the influence house staging brings. It is possible to find the house for you feel most comfortable being in.










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