New trends allow homeowners to keep houses’ history and add modern Changes

New trends allow homeowners to keep houses’ history and add modern Changes

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The Ballard House was once a piece of history, serving as a doctor’s office and now, an active kitchen and meeting rooms. It could also be considered a Civic Center. Thanks to Marjella Chube Hamilton and her husband, Herschel Hamilton Jr., this historic home is being restored and used as a modern meeting place.


The Birmingham house was the home of one of the first practicing black doctors in the area, Dr. Edward H. Ballard. He practiced in the Birmingham area until the 1950s. The doctor lived in the house and on location in Birmingham for 40 years. This brass nameplate is one of the charms of the Ballard House, but there are also modern charms in the house. One charm  includes the bright red back splash in the kitchen. Inside the house are photos of an era gone by; there are also modern conveniences, such as open spaces. This trend has remained popular.


Ways couples can update the space in their home to reflect modern Times


Nothing screams dated than having a wall color that still looks like it belongs in the 1960s or 1970s. One of the most popular colors for a house is a coral reef. This bright, and yet sophisticated, color is an easy way for sellers to brighten up a room and offer a cheap way to get a buyer’s attention.


Lively colors are not the only way for real estate investment companies to get a buyer’s attention, when selling a house that could have historical significance and still keep the inside conveniences very modern. Real estate investment companies do not need houses that are customized, so they can get a good asking price. Many house buyers simply want to add their own modern touches – a freestanding, claw tub in the bathroom and a single-wash basin. Did you know it is also popular to have wall niches? Adding small touches, such as the flooring type, allows Birmingham couples to make a house truly theirs.

Couples can always renovate a house, so they can create multiple master suites and storage Areas


A millennial couple may not be able to find the house they want, for the price they want. It is possible; they can always buy a house under budget and make their own changes, such as adding additional storage space. It may be possible to budget for a construction company to help your family transform an extra room on the main level into a master suite. Many millennials want more than one master suite for themselves and their guests. To have two master suites on the same level is a win-win situation for any millennial homeowner. It allows families to welcome out-of-town guests and accommodate aging parents, living in a multi-generational home.


If you are looking for ways to add to the value of your home, without racking up expensive construction costs, adding a docking station for electric devices may be an add that proves valuable. Today, families admit to having at least three different electronic devices that need powering at one time. If you have a docking station that can provide power for several devices at once, no one has to worry about their cell phone, laptop, tablet, or Xbox One having a low battery. A corner of the kitchen, a mudroom, or a stair landing are all good areas to add charging stations.


Why not opt for a few updated, comfort Changes


If you have the outdoor space, you may be able to add a fire pit in your backyard for less than $500. On average, a 5’X5’ fire pit costs $716.  The costs largely depending on your tastes in outdoor furniture and if you customize using natural gas. Custom fire pits can cost as much as installing a fireplace. It may help you sell your house faster, if you have at least one feature homebuyers want.


Is it possible to create a super pantry in the kitchen or add an additional island? Many families or couples want to have more counter space and are willing to sacrifice other features to get it. It may be a welcome addition to any Birmingham house.


What features do you want your dream house to have? Have you outgrown your house, do you need a new place that has off-the-shelf space, a super pantry, several master suites or other needed amenities? Let us help sell your old house and buy one that better suits your needs. Visit us at

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