Marketer hopes renovations will attract hikers to Birmingham, with its beautiful miles of Trails

Marketer hopes renovations will attract hikers to Birmingham, with its beautiful miles of Trails

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He is called the ‘$50 million dollar man’ in Birmingham, but Tom Crosby has long been a supporter of Birmingham’s growth. In 1996, he arranged the largest fleet of taxicabs for the 1996 Olympics. His latest project hits at the core of what may attract many younger professionals, families, and outdoor enthusiasts to Birmingham. If the facilities used for the Pinhoti National Recreation Trail were renovated, Birmingham could claim they were a part of the great Appalachian Trail. The path could stretch along U.S. 280. It is a quest Cosby began in 2014, but a project he has wanted for 20 years. Birmingham has some of the best hiking trails in the metro area. Being an end to the famed Appalachian Trail would draw in professionals. It would also draw those who want to be near the best restaurants, etc., and have access to all nature has to offer, too.


Where is the best places for Alabamians to enjoy nature around this bustling city and still find the best places to live nearby? Jenison Trail, in the very heart of Mountain Brook, is a wonderful place for anyone to exercise. It has wide paths, flat trails, a creek, and there are well-placed park benches along the way, so joggers, walkers, and runners can sit and rest. With its four-to-six mile loops, using Montevallo Road, Jenison Trail’s length can be varied for the beginner or the more experienced exercise lover.  If you want a longer walk or run, combine Jenison with the Lakeshore Trail. It is a 10-to 12 mile loop and you can visit the three Mountain Brook villages. You can skip the loop and see the city overhead, once you climb up the mountain.


You may not want to visit until after a run, but Mountain Brook village can satisfy the sweet Toothed


Mountain Brook is a great place to live because there is a great range of housing prices, under $349,000 for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom bungalow, to $538,500 for the average four-bedroom home. Birmingham offers something for would-be homeowners at any income level. It does has some fun shopping spots, such as Swoop. Parents, runners, or dedicated walkers can stop halfway through their workout and reward themselves with a sweet treat. This candy shop, in Mountain Brook Village, is a favorite with children. There are also several big name retailers in Brookwood Village. You can combine your exercise and do something pleasurable, too.


If you bicycle, you may want to opt to take the easy, Lakeshore Trail. Its name is a misnomer because there is no lake on the trail. It does semi-connect with the Brookwood Mall, where you can indulge a sweet tooth.


Places to visit where you do not need much time to get in tune with Nature


You do not have to live in downtown Birmingham to benefit from being able to enjoy the Botanical Gardens in downtown Birmingham or Star Lake. Those who do not mind commuting may love living in a larger family house, on a huge lot in suburban Vestavia Hills. It is minutes from Birmingham and urban professionals will love the fact they can find a house in their price range. If you pay $62,000 for a one-bedroom or $390,000 for a four-bedroom, three-bathroom home, Vestavia Hills has affordable housing for both retirees and urban professionals. It is close enough to all Birmingham has to offer, so families can enjoy affordable housing near a number of Birmingham’s walking, running, and hiking trails.


If you want to take the family to see a beautiful waterfall, the Boulder Creek Nature Trail is a good hike. It is easy to find the trail’s start, directly behind Vestavia Library in the Forest. There are steep moments along this trail; there are a number of handrails along the way, too. It is a gem for those who live in Vestavia Hills, or those who want to explore the many hiking trails around Birmingham.


Are you looking for a great Birmingham neighborhood near some of the best well-kept exercise trails? No matter where you live — Pelham, Fultondale, Trussville — Birmingham and its suburbs offer great places to hike, walk, run, or bicycle. Have you ever read Thomas Spencer’s, Five Star Trails: Birmingham? It outlines all the best places to visit, near where you live. Are you looking for a great place to live, where you can enjoy nature and be near great hiking trails? Visit us at to see how we can help you find the perfect house!

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