Going to the dogs: Making your home pet-friendly and finding places Fido loves in Birmingham

Going to the dogs: Making your home pet-friendly and finding places Fido loves in Birmingham

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If you are selling and moving to a more pet-friendly house and neighborhood or moving into the City, Birmingham offers plenty for pet lovers. Before you sign the closing papers on any house in Red, Shades or Oak Mountains, Vestavia Hills, Pelham, Avondale Park, Meadow Brook or one of the other 15 other neighborhoods in Birmingham, check to see if the property is dog-friendly. Would it have a yard your dog would love to run and play in? Is your dog more of a couch potato? Does the house have wood flooring that makes it easier for your pet to get around without sliding on a slippery tile flooring? Is there stairs?


These are all questions a potential homebuyer must think about and answer before buying any Birmingham house. Homebuyers may think about the home’s interior, but it is also good to determine if the neighborhood is well suited for your pet. If your pet loves to ride with you or walk with you, are their places you can go together? Many Birmingham restaurants may allow well-behaved dogs on their patio or outside of the Dairy Queen, while you both enjoy some shrimp, French fries, or ice cream treat. Is there a dog park in the neighborhood? Highland Park and Mountain Brook,  Homewood, Pelham, Chelsea and other Birmingham neighborhoods have dog parks for your dog to explore, meet new friends, and play.


Buying and making a house dog-friendly


You may not be able to find a fully furnished turnkey home that has washable fabrics on the couch or bed, so your dog can lounge on the furniture in comfort and without fear of being scolded for messing up the furniture. There are things, though, that you need when considering a house as a potential home.


Stairs – Is the house more than one level? Older pets may have arthritis and have difficulty getting up and down stairs. It is best to minimize stairs or buy a house that has a single floor plan.


Flooring – Is the flooring wall-to-wall carpeting? Having carpet does not make for an ideal home for a pet, as younger pets may need housebreaking and accidents can easily stain carpet if not cleaned immediately. It also means pets can track in mud on rainy days and stain light colored carpeting. Hard wood flooring is better for pets because they cannot get their toenails caught in the longer barbers of carpet. If you do have hard flooring, make sure the flooring is not slick. Some floorings are finished with a slick coating that makes it hard for dogs to walk on around without sliding. Some hard flooring has an epoxy top coat, making it more dog friendly and easy for them to maneuver.


Yard – Is the yard fenced or have a pool in the backyard? If you live on a busy street, a fence is an essential necessity for keeping your fur baby from running out into Birmingham’s rush hour or busy traffic. It also can protect you from neighboring dogs that may not be the friendliest of neighbors to your dog. Birmingham can get hot at times and having room for an outdoor pool, even the plastic variety, is necessary. It can keep your dog cool in the summertime.


With 82.5 million people owning at least one pet in the United States, it makes since that pet owners would want the best for their pets and were willing to spend $53.33 billion for it in 2012. These numbers are up from the $41 billion spent in 2007. Many pet owners may not be able to afford to custom build a house with their pets in mind, including heating floors, customized cabinets, dog-sized windows, etc. They can make sure they find a house that meets most of their pets needs and is in a neighborhood that celebrates pets and welcomes them.


Places to go with your pet


Birmingham has stores, eateries, and events that are geared toward your companion. For example, Highland Park hosts a Do Dah Day is a reason for pet-lovers have fun celebrating a day in the park and to dress their fur babies up. Birmingham generally hosts a number of friendly actions so they are not excluded as well as occupants may have to ask and mark their calendars. The Greater Birmingham Humane Society hosts owners and a fall festival can dress up their pooches and win prizes. Another popular occasion for Birmingham residents is the annual yard sale sponsored by the Birmingham Terrier Rescue in the Altadena Valley Animal Clinic.

Those Birmingham residents who do not have a pet may be able to rescue a great Boston terrier in need of a home.  If you already have a dog, another dog may be an addition to your already pet-friendly house.















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