Four things Birmingham couples should keep in mind before a Renovation

Four things Birmingham couples should keep in mind before a Renovation

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If you want to flip a property for those who say, we buy houses in Birmingham, Alabama, you may need more than a few coats of paint to properly sell your home and make a profit. What should you keep in mind before asking a real estate agent to buy one of the houses for sale in Birmingham?


When Margaret and Holman Head decided to take the plunge and say, we buy houses in Birmingham, Alabama. They also turned to interior designer, Mary Eleyvan McKee. Friends, McKee and Margaret attended Hollins College in Virginia. Mckee created a feeling of openness throughout the Tudor-style house and added additional charm to the historic-looking home. Though the Heads may not plan to move in the near future, renovations should be considered long before you place a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front lawn. What renovations should you do if you plan to sell your house; will those bring you better returns on the money spent?


Adding value to your house before selling it and saying we buy houses in Birmingham, Alabama


Feel the Openness


The Birmingham housing market is growing and may exceed more than 8 percent in the future, as homeowners tackle home renovations. What should you keep in mind if you plan to see your house in the future? There are several ways Birmingham residents can transform their house design without sinking thousands into their houses. Some renovations, such as creating wide-open space in a living room or a dining room, cost a few hundred dollars. An open floor plan is popular with buyers, who want big spaces. Another renovation that may not take much is adding a kitchen island and increasing countertop area and storage space. You are creating a feeling of openness, natural light helps in giving you the illusion of openness. Do you want to knock down walls? You can always opt for less expensive lighting options. Popular choices are sunscoops, tubular skylights, light pipes, or sun tubes, as they are called.


Give the outside a Manicure


Many homeowners think inside the house when deciding which renovations to do. Adding curb appeal; however, may help you sell your house faster. In a survey conducted by HomeGain, a real estate marketing site, 2,000 brokers surveyed said an investment of $400 to $500 could raise the value of your house four to five times. Poor care can take its toll. Birmingham tree services charge approximately $600-900 to remove a tree from the property. It may save time hiring a professional and keep money in your pocket. It is better than waiting for a fallen limb to cause $2,000 in damages after falling through your roof. A house that does not require too much maintenance will leave buyers saying ‘We buy homes in Birmingham, Alabama,’ sooner.


Think about the Return if you say we buy houses in Birmingham, Alabama


Sometimes, the best surprise is not the room you model inside the house. The best part is not how it looks afterwards. The best surprise is the percentage made from renovations. For example, Birmingham residents having bathroom and kitchen remodels may find the revocations were worth the extra expense and they recouped back more than 75 percent of the cost. Renovating your house to sell is different from renovating for personal preference. Renovations made must be made in neutral colors and it is best to keep a buyer in mind. You may like soaking in a tub. Without a shower in the house, it is a poor use of renovation funds and could discourage buyers from saying, ‘We buy houses in Birmingham, Alabama’ when they see your house.


Avoid the money pit when saying ‘we buy houses in Birmingham, Alabama’


It is best to avoid making changes to a house that will be sold because those changes could cost you thousands and you will not be seeing your money back from these renovations. For example, installing a green, solar-paneled water heater may help you save thousands if you plan on living in your house for years. This addition may be a welcome personal one, but it will not make buyers say ‘We buy houses in Birmingham, Alabama’ any faster or sooner. It is also better not to spend more on your flooring than you know you can get back out of it. You may sell your house with this type of flooring renovation, but it will not be doing you any favors. A buyer may still say, ‘We buy houses in Birmingham, Alabama,’ but it may cost you thousands in renovations that you cannot recoup. Hard wood flooring installed can cost $19.99 a square foot. No one will pay thousands extra for the Brazilian cherry wood or Teak wood you paid to have professionally installed. It becomes a cost of selling your house and you do not reap the benefits. Installing this flooring may be necessary to impress buyers, so they say ‘We buy houses in Birmingham, Alabama.’ It helps you limit your out-of-pocket costs and you will spend less when you know how much your flooring is worth. Your renovations will make you money instead of cost you profits, when your house sells. Need help selling your house? We can help you sell your house in Birmingham quickly by visiting, We buy houses in Birmimgham, Alabama and we offer cash!

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