‘We buy houses in Birmingham’: Millennials build a new generational hub in this City

‘We buy houses in Birmingham’: Millennials build a new generational hub in this City

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Birmingham is a city is magical for many. It offers Millennials the comforts of being nearby the amenities they want and affordable housing prices. Housing prices are starting to edge up, but they are still affordable. Generation X buyers, who are willing to say, ‘we buy houses in Birmingham,’ feel comfortable. This Magical City has seen a 23.9 percent spike in the number of housing sales from 2010 to 2012; Current housing trends do not show any slowing in the rise of house sales.


It is no secret millennials favor new home construction, and do not want a fixer-upper. Millennials are looking to say ‘we buy houses in Birmingham’ because they want a contemporary feel. Twelve percent of the 20,000 millennials surveyed in a Consumer Insights poll said they had no interest in having exclusively modern architecture. Generation X house buyers want a space where they can place their own creative stamp of authenticity.


Birmingham ranked ninth for ‘Best ranked cities’ drawing African-American families


Many African-American families are drawn to Birmingham and saying ‘we buy houses in Birmingham,’ but the reason is not architectural. Families are moving to this city because it offers the most affordable area, better educational opportunities for the children, it has one of the top-ranked hospitals and best orthopedic surgeons in the country. There are also a higher number of college graduates, which hold degrees.


How affordable is Birmingham’s housing market?


It is said the grass is always greener on the other side and Birmingham offers the greenspaces millennial buyers want and are not afraid to pay ‘an arm and a leg’ to get. The median price rose to more than $224,000 and increased $52,100 in a year. Young professionals like the greenspaces are downtown. It encourages them to say ‘we buy houses in Birmingham.’


Millennials do not mind having less private space, if there is more space to socialize with friends. They are excited about the Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail System and enthusiastic about Birmingham’s new image as a city of urban development. With many community assets to offer, Birmingham has risen beyond its past mired in crime and became known for cheaper living costs. They see the city as a more affordable option and this is why they do not mind saying, ‘we buy houses in Birmingham.’


Millennials are not your parent’s generation and they want to say ‘we buy houses in Birmingham’


Millennials do not shun technology and expect it in their homes. Like their parents, they also want the convenience of being close to amenities. Married millennials want a quiet neighborhood, such as Hoover or Trussville to rear children, while those without children opt for a downtown, urban setting. They want to try the newest restaurants and be closer to the nightlife. Birmingham offers some great restaurants that compare to the restaurants found in larger metro cities.


Which restaurants are great picks for young professionals, whom have said ‘we buy houses in Birmingham?’ The Hot Fish Club and Highlands Bar and Grill are great choices. The fun is not limited to restaurants. Many millennials do not mind being near Birmingham’s Museum of Art or attending one of the non-profit festivals in the city. Having a range of opportunities to get involved and personalize their volunteer experience is a big draw for the generation saying, ‘We buy houses in Birmingham.’


Family and fur babies take precedence when saying ‘we buy houses in Birmingham’


This generation is not afraid to look critically at a Birmingham house on the market before saying, ‘We buy houses in Birmingham.’ They want a house that will meet their needs and the needs of their pets. Millennials, who want to say ‘we buy houses in Birmingham,  have different needs if they have children or only pets. Those who have families prefer a quiet neighborhood in Mountain Brook or Homewood, as opposed to living on a busy street. Those without children want to feel a sense of community and Birmingham offers all these things to young millennials starting a family or blazing their own trail, with a pet in tow.












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