Carpenter/Forman NEEDED Full-Time, Up to $50,000/YR., Weekly Pay

Posted by Keith Young // January 2, 2018

Are you seeking employment with a professional organization that provides great pay and invests in its employees? Then DSP REAL ESTATE, LLC has been looking for you! Founded in 2004, DSP REAL ESTATE, LLC is a professional, full service home renovation company that renovates properties throughout the greater Birmingham area. Our company is known by the […]

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Filing for bankruptcy and hire a bankruptcy attorney, Birmingham, AL can ease Debts

Posted by Keith Young // December 8, 2015

Many families may be struggle with mountains of medical debts, and have unpaid debts. When should any Birmingham family make the decision to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? If you have unmanageable medical debt, it may make life easier, if you file for bankruptcy. It is a good idea to hire a bankruptcy attorney in […]

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Marketer hopes renovations will attract hikers to Birmingham, with its beautiful miles of Trails

Posted by Keith Young // October 19, 2015

He is called the ‘$50 million dollar man’ in Birmingham, but Tom Crosby has long been a supporter of Birmingham’s growth. In 1996, he arranged the largest fleet of taxicabs for the 1996 Olympics. His latest project hits at the core of what may attract many younger professionals, families, and outdoor enthusiasts to Birmingham. If […]

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New trends allow homeowners to keep houses’ history and add modern Changes

Posted by Keith Young // October 5, 2015

The Ballard House was once a piece of history, serving as a doctor’s office and now, an active kitchen and meeting rooms. It could also be considered a Civic Center. Thanks to Marjella Chube Hamilton and her husband, Herschel Hamilton Jr., this historic home is being restored and used as a modern meeting place.   […]

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Accuracy counts with a Birmingham AL MLS and four things you need to say in a house Listing

Posted by Keith Young // September 28, 2015

Seventy percent of Alabamians use a multiple listing service to sell their house. A real estate investment company can help you sell your home fast, so more sellers notice your house listing.  According to, the average Birmingham house price was $199,000 and depending on the neighborhood, you can buy a three to four-bedroom, two-bathroom […]

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Divorce and bankruptcy may put a person on the road to financial Freedom

Posted by Keith Young // September 22, 2015

Jenny Brooks, 32, made a decision to relocate with her husband from Coos Bay, OR to Birmingham, AL. Her husband transferred from his company and she found a better job. However, her new employer went bankrupt soon after the couple moved. Jenny lost her job and the couple was on the brink of bankruptcy. The […]

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‘We buy houses in Birmingham’: Millennials build a new generational hub in this City

Posted by Keith Young // August 25, 2015

Birmingham is a city is magical for many. It offers Millennials the comforts of being nearby the amenities they want and affordable housing prices. Housing prices are starting to edge up, but they are still affordable. Generation X buyers, who are willing to say, ‘we buy houses in Birmingham,’ feel comfortable. This Magical City has […]

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Mortgage problems do not necessarily mean homeownership is a lost Dream

Posted by Keith Young // August 18, 2015

They thought they were following the American dream: Buy a small house after marriage in Florida, buy a bigger Florida house, and raise children. Their dream took a detour when a job offer in Alabama forced Kitty McCoy and her husband into financial troubles. They found themselves in triple mortgage troubles after trying to sell […]

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Staging your house to sell: Does staging really help sell your Birmingham House?

Posted by Keith Young // August 11, 2015

It may seem like a set out of a Hollywood movie, but does staging really help sell your house in Homewood, Pelham, Chelsea, Trussville, Vestavia Hills, or Forestdale? According to the Real Estate Staging Association, houses, (listed as professionally staged houses) sit on the market for less amount of time. They sell faster 71 percent […]

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Getting the most bang for your buck: Increasing your home’s resell Value?

Posted by Keith Young // August 4, 2015

Alabamans living in Pelham, Trussville, Leeds, or Bessemer may not think about the resell value of their home when they buy a house, but they should. Birmingham has plenty of houses on the market that may net homeowners a bigger return on their investment. Considered one of the hottest markets in late 2014, the housing […]

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