Baby Boomers are changing the rules on what goes in Birmingham real Estate

Baby Boomers are changing the rules on what goes in Birmingham real Estate

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More than 80,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65 on any specified day. This era is a developing 76.2 million powerful. What are these retirees looking for in this Magic City? Some retirees want to down-size their empty nests and do not need to pay the bill for a 4,000 square-foot house. 2,000 square feet of space and do can be got by on by them not need to supply lawn treatment for a home of that size. Others feel compelled to move because of health issues and must down-size. Is smaller than their prior residence and going is not easy for them, where they can afford to reside.

Some Baby Boomers refuse to downsize. They like having room, plenty of room, and they refuse to give up their freedom. They do not care about moving to a retirement community. In a Merrill Lynch survey, only 10 percent of Baby Boomers said they would want to move to a retirement community or age-restrictive community. They like living on their own and refuse to give up their privacy. In fact, many retirees may buy thicker curtains to ensure their neighbors cannot see into their home.


Best neighborhoods for retirees


What do retirees consider when they are looking to buy a house in Birmingham’s improving housing market? Surprisingly, Birmingham ranked No. 2 on retirees’ best places to live. The fact Birmingham ranks high in offering good health care, has a number of great golf courses, mild weather, and a lower cost of living may be what attracts retirees to the Magic City. It helps the city is four hours away from the Gulf Coast. The city maintains more than 2,000 acres of parkland, including well-stocked lakes, walking trails, pools, golf courses, and quiet places to reflect.


For aging retirees, buying a house that is one level may be very important. Crestwood is a great option for retirees, as it is in the heart of downtown Birmingham and within walking distance of Pepper Place Farmer’s Market and the Alabama Theatre. There are a number of bars and restaurants steps away. El Barrio, Das House, and Café DuPont are great places for Birmingham residents to grab lunch or spent a night on the town and entertain friends.


Birmingham Boomers are not ready to be ‘Old’


They may need to be within a comfortable distance from the hospital or the airport; however, today’s Baby Boomers are anything but old. They may not care about the quality of schools in the area, but they may enjoy good artwork in the residential, historic neighborhood of Forest Park. Forest Park is minutes from downtown and is near the airport. Baby Boomers, who want to drive to the Gulf Coast, have access to Highway 280, and Interstates 20, 59, and 65. They can live in the Tudor, Arts and Craftsman, or Bungalow architecture they love. Birmingham Baby Boomers do have a choice in the type of architecture they choose while house hunting.


With 23 neighborhoods to find the perfect home to meet a Boomer’s housing needs, it is clear why Birmingham is so high on a Boomer’s list. There are plenty of cultural opportunities and barbecue joints, to having of the best nationally rank hospitals in the city. Milken Institute ranked Birmingham as the fourth best city to find orthopedic surgeons and U.S News and World Report noted Birmingham doctors receive high marks in 10 specialties. Many of the amenities seniors want are nearby. They have affordable housing and being within walking distance, to some restaurants and stores, makes Birmingham the city for Baby Boomers. Are you a Baby Boomer who could use some help finding your perfect, smaller house? Please visit us at We may have the perfect, newly renovated, smaller house that is perfect for your needs and wants.

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